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Tour in acropolis of Thessaloniki

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City of Athens in Greece

Day tours in Athens all the time you want in Year.

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Thessaloniki Tour

City of Thessaloniki in Greece

Day tours in Thessaloniki all the time you want in Year.
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City of Mykonos in Greece

 Tours in Mykonos.

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Airport transfer Mykono Thessaloniki

Transfers with private chauffeur in Mykonos and Thessaloniki.

Transfer Airport in Mykono and Thessaloniki


Nowdays Chauffeur is considered the professional driver with expertise.
He or She drives and escorts passengers by a luxury car or limouzine or any other category of the clients's choice. The etymology of the word comes from the french word Chauffeur and the latin word calefare, nowdays called soferina as well. The company was founded by a female driver, but nowdays it consists of a strong team of professional drivers. Evidence that make us stand up from the crowd is reliability, discretion, liability and accuracy in our timelines and schedules. Our goal as a company is to accomplish the best experience out of our cooperation, and thus become your only choice when travelling. We are looking forward to offer you our services.
Choose from our exceptionally trained stuff the male or female private driver of your choice. Also choose the car that best fits your travel needs through our continouassly growing car fleet of our company. Then you will have your private Chauffer / Soferina, in order to be able to make free of worry vacations, or your bussiness travel needs or even your everyday trips. There is a possibility to choose your private driver accoridng to language orientation, that will be able to communicate in English, Arab, Russhian and of course Greek. It is possible to offer you our services 24/24hours in the destination of your choice by pre-notifying us
We try to satisfy and cover every need of your travel. Ask us for a transfer with a helicopter, and it will immediately be arranged. Or for a transfer with a yacht for a special occasion or tour. Enjoy your trip with no worry. Allow yourselves to be served on time and with safety in every tour you arrange with our company. There is also possibility of transfer with mini bus or bus. We can cover as a company from small group or atomic exursions, group excursions and also family excursions. Also we can arrange the transportation of your guests.
ST MYKONOS TRANSFERS Company is eqquiped wit cars, vans, buses for vip excursions from every city to the destination you desire. We can serve every destination you choose, with no limitations and with as many in between stops you want. We offer you flexible time limits and you decide the time of departure, when you have finished yoiur travel experience. Get inspiration from our proposals and give shape to your personal travel excursion choosing the places you want to visit or love and want to revisit. If you want, you can choose to have a certified tour guide with you for a full briefing on mueseums, archaeological places and religious destinations.

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Tour by Mykono and Thessaloniki

Airport transport Mykonos

Airport transport Mykonos

We transfer you from airport Mykonos to your Accommodation.

Any time.

Airport transport Thessaloniki

Airport transport Thessaloniki

We transfer you from airport Thessaloniki to your Accommodation.

Any time.

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