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ST Transfers New Innovative Services !!

The intense rhythms of everyday life, the demanding obligations of the new
conditions created by covid19 created the idea of ​​how we will be more useful to you
in order to take advantage of our services, saving your precious and pressed time and
also how to take the lead we become more competitive in our field.
You will surely wonder what we mean and what these innovative ideas are. Maybe
we could call them Support Services ... Share with us your daily tasks or
extraordinary jobs, purchases, receipts.
Let's say your parents are elderly and unable to go to the doctor on their own and you
are unable to go to them due to the burden of your schedule. One of us, from the ST
TransferS team that you will know will take them to their doctor, will wait for them
and of course will return them home with professionalism but also the friendly tone
that is appropriate for them to feel comfortable and beautiful as we would like to feel
our parents too. Note that if you live far away in different counties from your own
people and it is not easy for you to go, we could bring them for a weekend near you or
the ST TransferS team could go instead of you.
They will enjoy a wonderful route with safe driving, music that suits their own
preferences with as many stops on the route as needed and above all with
professionalism and a friendly smile. You can be ensured that your parents will be
served by us every time with reliability and from the second time they will have to
deal with acquaintances towards them, consistently in our times and above all with a
clean vehicle where certified products of the company Hygiene for disinfection after
and before each customer are used. We all use a mask and gloves and keep to the
maximum the prevention and protection measures for the good of everyone's health.
Something simpler… you want to send your car for washing and you do not have time
but you have to wash it because you have to go to a meeting after work where it
requires your car to shine? One of us at ST TransferS will always be available to drive
it for you safely, consistently and reliably. Do you have your car in the garage and
you need a professional driver, a permanently clean car that smells nice with pleasant
music and free Wifi for some routes or when you have to wait in your car for some
hours or maybe for some days? We are the partner you need. Also something valuable
and very important … There is something that came to you at the last minute and you
do not manage to pick up your children from school or you do not want them to be
transferred by another vehicle which will have many other children due to
precautionary hygiene measures? After proper information to your children and the
necessary consultation with the School Management in order to pick them up (with
our details, the driver, the car and the specific date you wish). If you wish there is the
possibility of an escort.
You want to beautify the day of one of your own people ... to change his daily routine
beautifully. It would be great to make them a surprise, to wonderfully smile at them

and to remind in another different way your love and thought. Think of the surprise,
what and how you want to send it and let us help you in the implementation. If you
need we give you additional ideas. It can also be a PRIVATE surprise during a
beautiful journey with music, flowers, cake, champagne and whatever else you wish.
Birthday parties, surprises, Wedding proposals, Anniversary parties!!! There is
nothing better than having permanent reliable partners where they can free you from
certain jobs. Because we understand that your daily life is full of obligations, we aim
to change this as much as we can and for our benefit but also yours.
So if you have a request or a need do not over think it, save time and send us via
WhatsApp, Viber, Sms and Email or call us to let us know what you need and we will
give you an offer that will be best studied by us and adjusted to your special need.

We are at your disposal 24hours 7days. OUR GOAL is to become your permanent

ST TransferS

Your own reliable travel company.

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