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Yes… we all need a trip… an escape from all this…

After so much pressure and forced confinement…
We want to stand under the refreshing rays of the sun… at sea with our loved ones…
Vaccinations have started and maybe a life-saving pill will be found.
Several vaccinations have already taken place but it has not been decided yet whether
airlines and governments will require the vaccine. Everything is constantly changing and
every airline, every country has its own requirements. There is an unprecedented confusion
for now and we have to remain healthy and need to be patient.
And yes in a little while everything will be fine like when we were children at that first hot
day we ran out for our first ice cream. It will be the day that the free movements and the
flights will be allowed… We will be able to go on a trip that we wanted so much or to our
favorite island or to that country we have always wanted to visit.
That will happen when the airports open and generally when we will be able to travel or to
move freely again safely. Because the competent authorities are constantly making new
decisions based on the epidemiological data and in order to avoid confusion and to deal with
everything easily, we must be constantly well informed by our travel agent or by valid
sources of information. These are:
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Ministry of Health
  • Embassy of the country of destination
  • Consulate of destination country
Websites that you will find useful:
Useful information can be found on the following websites:
  • For the civil protection page click here
  • For the official website of the European Union click here
  • For the International Air Transport Association click here
Before your journey
You have to be informed about the current restrictions in order to travel to the country of
You have to postpone your trip if you have fever or respiratory symptoms such as difficulty
in breathing or cough, etc.
All travelers of international flights to Greece are required to have completed a Passenger
Locator Form, at least 24 hours before the day of departure of their flight. They must have
undergone laboratory testing in the last 72 hours prior to their departure flight and bring
with them a certificate of negative PCR for covid-19.
The information of the article is valid at the time it was published, however due to
frequent changes in the instructions, we recommend those who are going to travel
abroad to contact directly the local consulates-embassies or to visit the official
websites of the competent countries wishing to travel. You can also visit the official
website of the International Air Transport Association IATA to find out what applies
to each specific country you wish to visit.
Instructions you have to follow during the trip:
Wash your hands often with soap and water or use an alcoholic antiseptic solution,
taking care not to rest your hands unnecessarily on both surfaces and face.
You have to wear a mask always; however, when you cough or sneeze you cover your
mouth and nose with a tissue or with your elbow and not with your hand.
Keep away from people with symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, etc.
In Greece, the use of a mask is mandatory in all means of public transport, in the places
of arrival and waiting of travelers and also in all indoor and outdoor areas. Excluded are
a) people for whom the use of a mask is not indicated for medical reasons proven by the
appropriate documents, such as due to respiratory problems and b) children under the
age of four (4) Joint Ministerial Decision DI / GPoik . 12639/2021 -FEK 793 / Β / 27-2-
After your return from your trip you have to:
Be in quarantine for 14 days and do healths check.
Stay at home if you experience fever or symptoms or difficulty in breathing, coughing, etc.
for up to 14 days after your return. You have to contact your doctor immediately, informing
him of your recent trip.
ST TRANSFERS provides its services safely.
We at the  ST TRANSFERS team we wish you beautiful travels with peace of mind!!

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