ST Transfers Your trsansfer company...Health issues about dealing with COVID-19

ST Transfers our company of safe travel - protection measures against Covid19

At ST TransferS we operate having in mind the safety of our customers and our personell ..!! We offer you risk-free, relaxing transportation with your personal driver of your choice. The team of ST Transfers consists of professional and skilled drivers, having as a target your satisfaction and above all your safety along the transports. Due to the new circumstances having been modified by the appearance of the new virus Covid-19, our company has taken in advance all the necessary precautions concerning the hygiene of the vehicles and the personnel, and of course the customers. Because …. The most important thing that matters is to remain all healthy and safe. As we say in Greece… We are careful .. so that we all have our health and a nice summer!! During the health crisis all around the world, we do the best to make sure that both our customers, our personnel and our partners are healthy and virus-free as much as possible. For all these reasons the ST Transfers has taken some action regarding Covid-19. All the team members wear protective surgical masks and medical gloves. When you arrive and you are ready for pickup and vice versa, you give us just 5 minutes of your time and we sterilize the vehicle in front of you, with UV (Ultra Violet). Speaking of the vehicle that is going to pick you with our driver. At the end of every transport, we use SANIX sanitizer which has been approved from the National Organization of Pharmaceuticals (Απ.ΕΟΦ38065/25-5-11). We offer to our clients if they want, SANIX sanitizer gel, so that the clean and sterilize their hands.