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Thessaloniki a diferend city

All the beautiful things start all over Thessaloniki! Thessaloniki is a starting point for many destinations! A destination city all year round.
For big and smallgetaways with same-day, two-day or three-day excursions, a city that you fall in love with!
Thessaloniki is the city of summer but also of winter, it is always beautiful and romantic and you can enjoy it every season!!
A city that gives you many suggestions for travel experiences!
A city with a past full of many historical references, historical knowledges, images of cultural tour and the result of this are several museums. Until June 15, visits to the archeological sites and monuments of Thessaloniki are free.
And also there is religious tourism, a city full of churches of several years, full of cultural and religious treasure!!!
Walks to enchanting destinations, in Ladadika , in alleys in a picturesque port, on a mountain in lakes, in waterfalls and forests!
Old Ladadika
Until 1917 the area was flooded with oil traders and the image they present today may have nothing to do with the image of the past, but the atmosphere is a reminiscent of the past.
Cobbled alleys, colorful buildings, cafes, bars, taverns and restaurants that are full of city people and tourists every day.
Many... Special and unprecedented taste experiences
In Ladadika everyone can taste the rich gastronomic heritage of the city and combine it with a walk in the commercial galleries of the city.... wonderful flavors and products with tradition that promise to satisfy even the most demanding customers which you will find at every point of Thessaloniki ...From the simplest tavern, to the most luxurious restaurant.
 Anyone should try the known Thessaloniki bun, bougatsa with cream, cheese, minced meat or spinach and of course the Panorama triangles.

That is why Thessaloniki is the Gastronomic Capital of Greece. Thessaloniki is a Great Food Capital.
The old town
Colored houses and stone alleys... a setting that refers to an old era.
Wonderful view from the known Kastra ...The Old Town is famous for its beauty and wonderful architecture and the visitor feels that time is changing. Walk around the Acropolis, the Walls, the Eptapyrgio, the temples and enjoy your drink, your coffee or an ouzo ..
... no sunset is the same as that of Thessaloniki !!
Short-distance getaways are another asset of the city. Getaways that change the scenery from a modern big city can be found near you and you can be in a few minutes on beaches, lakes, waterfalls and the known thermal baths.
The nearby beaches of Perea, Agia Triada, Angelochori and Epanomi give the opportunity to  dive in as long as you want.
The challenge of Thessaloniki is Halkidiki with its very beautiful beaches, from Thessaloniki a nearby paradise destination for a day trip or for more days.
The geographical location of Thessaloniki allows them to become a base for many beautiful neighboring destinations.
 The National Park of Lakes Koronia, Volvi and of Macedonian Tempe is a proposal that leaves the best impressions.
A trip to Holomont takes you to a landscape you never imagined it could be so close to a city.
Ossa is 40 km northeast of Mount Vertiskos. It is one of the oldest and most picturesque settlements in Central Macedonia with natural, archaeological, folkloric, religious, and architectural interest.
The estuaries of the rivers Gallikos, Axios and Loudia give many opportunities for nature excursions and observation of rare birds that the visitor can combine with religious tourism and historical search of the course of Macedonia in time.
In the lagoon of Kalochori the spectacle of pink flamingos can surprise you while in the Delta of the Galikos river the refuge of the imposing water buffalo can impress you.
In Chalastra is the Information Center of the Delta of Axios where you can get information and ecotourism maps with suggested routes.
For the male population, the Mount Athos monastic state is a special place dedicated exclusively to prayer and has been for centuries a spiritual beacon for the Orthodox Christian faith.
In ancient Stageira, where the Grove of Aristotle is located, the visitor comes in contact with the natural laws mentioned in the writings and work of the great philosopher.
At the beginning of the thread of Macedonia, the visitor begins to unravel it in Vergina, the first city of the Macedonians, where Alexander the Great was proclaimed king and began his great campaign that sealed the fate of the ancient world.
Katerini ..
Edessa ..
Saint Athanasios alcatraz
Pozar baths
An ideal destination makes your trip unforgettable but the beauty of the people you get to know along the way of your trip makes it beautifully unforgettable...
They are the ones who make it memorable.

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